Home Lift

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Home Lift

Home Lift, also known as Residential Lift.

This type of lift is mainly for house or residential use only. The usage for Home Lift is usually not heavy duty, there for the life span for the Home Lift will last longer.

Lift Shaft Glass Enclosure (Tower)

Home Lift is now the hottest cup cake in the market. Most new Bungalows or houses has a ready made Internal Lift Shaft that will allow you to purchase a Home Lift to be installed into your dream house. If your house does not has a Lift Shaft, you could however purchase the Lift Shaft Glass Enclosure (Tower) where it can be installed inside or outside of your house.

We have 2 types of door you could select. Auto Door or Manual Door. Both works the same except Auto Door would require a larger space and Manual Door is most suitable for narrow lift shaft.

Automatic Door (Frameless Door Panel)

Manual Swing Door (Frameless Door Panel)

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